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The perfect, affordable solution for educating your child at home. 

Who is it for?

These classes are ideal for home educating families and families who have children off school at the moment. We have Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy and Biology covered from KS3, GCSE and A-level.

our teaching team

John Yates

C0-founder, Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Astronomy Tutor

John is the ideas guy and co-founder of Priority Learning, he’s full of crazy ideas and loves to go off on tangents but is very focused and direct when he needs to be. This comes across with his enthusiastic, fun but learning filled style of tuition. John likes to focus on problem solving questions and real life applications of the maths and science he teaches.

Jettie Baker

Co-founder and Maths Tutor

Jettie is our co-founder and has written most of the many printable maths worksheets and mark schemes we have at Priority Learning. She has a real passion for maths and students go into her lessons not liking maths and come out of them not only loving it, but understanding it!

Anita Sharma

Business studies tutor and childrens mental health specialist.

Anita is our head of Business Studies and well-being. She has twenty years experience in education with outstanding success in adding value to students. She has a fantastic reputation for creating a comfortable and positive learning environment quickly so that the student feels at ease and ready to learn. My role as a tutor and a coach allows me the opportunity to inspire and empower students of all abilities to enjoy education and achieve their full potential.”  Anita also offers sessions in Personal Growth and Wellbeing Coaching for Young People which is vital in the tough world young people face today.

Nektaria Papanicola

English Tutor

As the eldest of 5 children, Nektaria was always encouraged to strive for academic and personal excellence. Growing up in Toronto, Canada, she was obsessed with reading literature, creative writing and playing the violin. She completed her undergraduate degree in English Literature and French Language and Literature at the University of Toronto. She then qualified as an English and French Language teacher at the Ontario Institute of Education where she was awarded a Bachelor of Education.

She specialises in one-to-one and small group online tutoring and greatly enjoys being able to support and guide students through their examination preparation and English studies. 
She loves being able to learn about her students’ individual abilities and challenge them to improve. She enjoys getting to know her students and weaving their personal interests into lessons so as to engage them. For her, humour and frequent praise are indispensable tools, as are clearly articulated learning outcomes and high expectations. 

Practice makes perfect

We know about your hectic schedule. We also know the only way you truly understand a subject is by practicing it in your own time. So we set weekly homework for each course and have an extenseive library of resources free for everyone to use. We also have an app so you and your tutor can monitor your progress at the click of a mouse!

Support when you need it

In addition to our online classroom, we also offer an option to take part in a drop in session every Thursday 10am-12pm and Mondays 3-4pm. Students can have 1:1 time with one of our tutors to ask for help on homework or anything they didn’t understand in the classes

Sample Lesson Recordings

KS3 Maths

KS3/Foundation Chemistry

KS3 Physics

KS3 Astronomy

GCSE Astronomy

GCSE Higher Maths

GCSE Chemistry

A-level Prep

These are the only courses already running so I don’t have samples of the other lessons yet.


All classes are £9.99 per child apart from KS3 maths which is 2x£4.99 lessons per week.

Yes, of course. These are unprecidented times and if you’ve been laid off, self employed or struggling financially for any reason due to Covid-19 let us know and we’ll do our best to give a discount but we will need some kind of evidence you are entitled to it. 

Those that can afford to pay please do so as we have staff to pay and bills to pay to keep the company going.

When you click sign up you’ll be taken to our web app, you’ll need to login (or make a parent account and a child account then add your child on the app) and from the courses section on the app you’ll be able to sign up to a course.

Please ensure you have a google account or zoom account so you can join the google hangouts (or zoom) call so you can hear me talk during the lessons. Though please ensure your mics are turned off as a default to avoid background noise. Though you can turn your mics on if you want to ask a question.

Simply go onto the relevant bitpaper (shown on each individual course page on the app) at the time of the lesson, make sure you have a google account so you can join the hangouts call and have a pen and paper ready to make notes and answer questions.

Yes ask as many questions as you like, I ask all students to have their mics turned off and only turn them on to ask a question.

We’ll set weekly homework and mark it with personal feedback all included in the price.

We can also reccomend textbooks for students wanting to do extra, which we always encourage!

Not at the moment unfortunately. But we are working on a rewards scheme where parents will be able to turn their rewards points into cashback or vouchers.

Currently I do not know, I am writing a letter to my local MP to bring this up in parliament. Exams for 2021 should be going ahead as normal.

The English iGCSE course is run over 1 year so that one will be. The rest are 2 year courses so you will need to supplement them with 1:1 tuition to be exam ready for 2021. That being said, with all the covid uncertainty, if you can wait until 2022 we strongly advise doing so.

We will have a physics iGCSE 1 year course but we cannot guarantee that if exams do not go ahead in 2021, that your child will be able to get a grade off us, it is very unclear what is or isn’t possible.

Yes definitely, these classes will run over 2 years and will have student exam ready for summer 2022.

No, you can cancel any time free of charge. 

Please note payment is taken for lessons 24 hours before each lesson, this is not refundable even if you unenrol from the course, but no future payments will be taken.

Yes every 8-12 weeks or so.

The lessons will be recorded and uploaded to a private vimeo where you can rewatch the lesson.

We will not be taking registers for the lessons. It is the responsibility of parents and students to ensure they attend the lessons. 

Our app tracks and keeps records of when homework is handed in late, or not at all. Parents will get an email/text when homework is due in 24 hours, and when handed in late. Parents will see in their portal how much homework has been handed in late or on time. 

We hold ourselves and our students to a very high standard. If a student frequently hands in homework late, or not at all, we reserve the right to remove any student from any of the courses. 

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