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we look after your education from ks3 all the way to a-level.

KS3 mathematics

fun, rewarding and engaging

In our KS3 maths classes, we focus on making maths accessible, fun and relevant to real world problems. We teach our students to understand the mathematics and why they are doing it., rather than just rememering methods. Our aim is that our students truly understand the maths they are doing, we believe this is the best way to learn maths.

Bringing maths to life

66 lessons -£4.99 per lesson.

ks3 physics

Unlocking the secrets of the universe

The best question to ask in physics is, "why?" In our KS3 physics classes, we encourage students to have an inquisitive nature. How much does using your washing machine once cost in power? How energy efficient is your kettle? We teach our students to understand the physics behind what they're doing and why it is vital in todays world.

building on the natural fascination of students

35 lessons -£9.99 per lesson.

ks3 chemistry

inspiring the next generation of scientists

Chemistry is one of the most exciting fields of modern science. Our KS3 science course inspries children with the most interesting parts of the chemistry syllabus and best prepares them for iGCSE chemistry as their next step.

chemistry for the next generation

35 lessons -£9.99 per lesson.

ks3 biology

info coming soon

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ks3 astronomy

turning astronomy into something more than just a hobby

For many children astronomy is just something to read about in a book and too often it is an interest not pursued it's full potential. At Priority Learning we want to inspire young budding astronomers and help guide their learning from popular science books to the academic study of the planets, stars, galaxies and universe.

a journey to the stars

35 lessons -£9.99 per lesson.

igcse mathematics (foundation)

maths for everyone

iGCSE foundation maths is an accessible and fun course for students looking to get their iGCSE in maths. We push our foundation students to get grade 5's (as this is the highest grade achievable in foundation) in their foundation iGCSE. As we have almost 2 years with the students and we tackle exam style questions right from the start, so initially it's a steep learning curve but in our experiences the students adapt very quickly and gain confidence in their maths skills quickly.

learn the key skills in mathematics

66 lessons - £9.99 per lesson.

igcse maths (higher)

learn the maths vital for an aspiring physicist

Maths is the exoskeleton of physics, in order for students to progress in their academic studies of physics they need a higher iGCSE (or GCSE) in maths with a grade 7 or higher. At Priority Learning we are commited to turning academic dreams into reality. A strong maths iGCSE is a key part of that and we're here to help.

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66 lessons - £9.99 per lesson.

iGCSE Phsyics

the best place to learn igcse physics online

At Priority Learning we run our iGCSE physics course over 2 years. Most importantly we have interactive live lessons through bitpaper so the students can ask questions in class and are actively engaged with learning. We do this to ensure we get to know all the students individually and spend time understanding how they learn.

the most interactive, engaging and motivating physics igcse course on the web

66 lessons -£9.99 per lesson.

igcse chemistry

The most comprehensive igcse chemistry course

At Priority Learning we run our iGCSE chemistry course over 2 years. We do this to ensure we get to know all the students individually and spend time understanding how they learn. 2 years gives us plenty of time to identify areas of weakness for each individual student and along with our drop in sessions, set student specific homework as well as group homework.

helping students excel in chemistry

66 lessons - £9.99 per lesson.

gcse astronomy

one small step to make one giant leap

GCSE Astronomy is the gateway to the universe. An astronomy GCSE will not only make you stand out from the crowd on your personal statement, it will also give you a strong foundation in astronomy now many people have. Not only that, but it's the only GCSE where you can sketch a meteor shower or a solar eclipse for your coursework!

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66 lessons -£9.99 per lesson.

igcse biology

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info coming soon
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igcse english language and literature

info coming soon

info coming soon

info coming soon

info coming soon
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john yates - the man behind the idea

website picture

I co-founded Priority Learning and tutor the maths and science classes. I have a degree in maths with a minor in physics from Lancaster University, an enhanced dbs and possibly most importantly, I was home educated for KS3 and my iGCSES so I know the experience your family is going through because I’ve been through it myself, the good the bad and everything else in between. I started this company and launched our online webinars to offer the service I wish I had when I was home educated. So you and your children will have all the support they need from us in your fantastic home-ed journey!

Why Our Courses

are the perfect addition to your home education experience

fully interactive learning

All of our online course lessons are live, so you can speak to your tutor and ask them questions in real life. We use zoom or google hangouts for the video calls so students can ask questions via their mic. We encourage our students to ask as many questions as they like. We also have 2 drop in sessions per week so you can have some 1:1 time with your tutor. All lessons are also recorded and stored on the app so if you miss a lesson you can watch the recording back at your leisure.

our very own worksheets

We have written hundreds of our own worksheets, inspired by past exam questions so students are preparing for exams right from the start of our courses.

real experience

I have been home educated through KS3 and my iGCSE's myself and all the iGCSE's I teach I did whilst homeschooled and have studied at higher levels at college and/or university.

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