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John Yates

Senior Tutor:
C0-founder, Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Astronomy

John is the ideas guy and co-founder of Priority Learning, he’s full of crazy ideas and loves to go off on tangents but is very focused and direct when he needs to be. This comes across with his enthusiastic, fun but learning filled style of tuition. John likes to focus on problem solving questions and real life applications of the maths and science he teaches.


Jettie Baker

Senior Tutor:
Co-founder and Maths

Jettie is our co-founder and has written most of the many printable maths worksheets and mark schemes we have at Priority Learning. She has a real passion for maths and students go into her lessons not liking maths and come out of them not only loving it, but understanding it!


Anita Sharma

Experienced Tutor:
Business studies and childrens wellbeing specialist.

Anita is our head of Business Studies and well-being. She has twenty years experience in education with outstanding success in adding value to students. She has a fantastic reputation for creating a comfortable and positive learning environment quickly so that the student feels at ease and ready to learn. My role as a tutor and a coach allows me the opportunity to inspire and empower students of all abilities to enjoy education and achieve their full potential.”  Anita also offers sessions in Personal Growth and Wellbeing Coaching for Young People which is vital in the tough world young people face today.

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Nektaria Papanicola

Experienced Tutor:

As the eldest of 5 children, Nektaria was always encouraged to strive for academic and personal excellence. Growing up in Toronto, Canada, she was obsessed with reading literature, creative writing and playing the violin. She completed her undergraduate degree in English Literature and French Language and Literature at the University of Toronto. She then qualified as an English and French Language teacher at the Ontario Institute of Education where she was awarded a Bachelor of Education.

She specialises in one-to-one and small group online tutoring and greatly enjoys being able to support and guide students through their examination preparation and English studies. 
She loves being able to learn about her students’ individual abilities and challenge them to improve. She enjoys getting to know her students and weaving their personal interests into lessons so as to engage them. For her, humour and frequent praise are indispensable tools, as are clearly articulated learning outcomes and high expectations. 
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Leah Bennett

Classical Civillisations, English, Psychology and Tutor

Leah is our Classical Civilisations, English and Psychology tutor and has graduated from Lancaster University with a BA (Hons) Degree in Literature and a Masters Degree in Literary Studies. She has studied Classical Civilisation since college and focused her undergraduate dissertation on Homer’s Odyssey. Leah is passionate about using creativity in her lessons to ensure that students can engage with the material in a fun and constructive way.

Junior Tutor

£ 25 Per hour
  • University student or recent graduate.
  • Extensive subject knowledge.
  • Recent experience taking exams.
  • Enhanced DBS checked.

Experienced Tutor

£ 45 Per hour
  • 100+ Hours Experience.
  • Extensive subject and exam knowledge.
  • Published e-learning content.
  • Experience in SEN possible.
  • Enhanced DBS checked.
  • Moderate volume of work set between lessons to ensure material covered in the lesson sticks.

Senior Tutor

£ 75 Per hour
  • 2000+ Hours Tutoring Experience.
  • Extensive subject and exam knowledge.
  • Published e-learning content.
  • Published mock exams.
  • Published mark schemes
  • Experience with some SEN guaranteed.
  • Enhanced DBS checked.
  • Most students get grade 8 or 9.
  • High volume of work set between lesson to maximise the chance of top grades.
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