KS3 Maths 2023/24

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Lesson Time: Tuesday 10am and Friday 8.50am. Email photos of homework to lesley.creighton@gmail.com

Late homework with no note from parents may not be marked.

Ignore future lesson numbers and dates too far in advance as these change as I adapt my lesson plans to the progress of the group.

  • New school year starts 5th September 2022
  • Half Term: 21st-28th October
  • Christmas: 17th Dec – 2nd Jan 
  • Half term: 14th-18th Feb 
  • Easter: 8th-23rd April
  • Half term: 29th May-2nd June 
  • Last day of term: Friday 7th July

Sorry everyone, there was a technical issue with the video today. I will fix this for our next lesson.

KS3 Maths Lesson 1 Notes

Printable worksheet

Try the addition questions. If you feel that you can do the subtraction questions please give those a go. We will cover subtraction on Friday.

Online worksheets:

Fractions – Addition – deadline: Friday 10th 9am

Fractions – Subtraction Deadline: Do not do this yet

Mixed Number –> Improper Fractions –

If you feel comfortable trying these, please do. If not, please wait until after our lesson on Friday.

Send photos of printable worksheet, and photos of your scores on the online worksheet to Lesley.creighton@gmail.com

Extra Pracitce Questions

More Practice Questions



Homework: Please try the attached word problems

Fraction WP KS3

Once you have tried these, take a picture and email it to me. After that, please look back over all of the note links to revise for a small test next lesson.

Well done today everyone.

For your homework, please try questions 1 and 2, only try the questions after 1 and 2 to challenge yourself.

Homework – Deadline Thursday at 4pm



Well done! This course is moving quickly and we are a week ahead! 🙂 

Ignore question 5 on this homework. We will cover that next lesson.

Homework 1: Deadline Monday 4pm

Homework 2 – Deadline Monday 4pm – retry until you get them all correct.



Homework: Deadline Monday 4pm

On the last page of the notes there are some further questions that

I would like you to try as well as the quiz above.



Homework – Deadline Thursday 4pm

Please find your homework questions on the last page of the notes. Please write your answers on paper and send them to me in an email.




Try the following homework before Friday.


On Friday we will focus more on all of the topics we have covered so far and fill in gaps ahead of your test after half term.

Remember…there was no video today.

Please watch the video if you were not in the class.

homework is the homework on equations (lesson18)


Remember that we did this lesson on 8/11/22 due to not having everyone’s test papers back.

Homework – Deadline Tuesday 4pm

Homework – Deadline Tuesday 4pm

Homework – Deadline Tuesday 4pm

Screenshot your score – then email me the screenshot.





Fractions – Addition

Fractions – Subtraction

Fractions – Multiplication

Fractions – Division

Fractional Indices

Big “test” Homework – Deadline Monday

Homework – at least 3 online worksheets on what you need to practice per day each day and make sure you get at least 8/10 on each. Send screenshots each time.

In total: I should have 9 screenshots of scores (or printable worksheets) each by Monday evening.

Homework: Revision – redoing past homework sheets and quizzes.

Send me anything you get less than 70% on.



Your homework for the weekend is to look over all that we have covered since your last test.

remember that the test will now be on Tuesday next week.



Homework: Redo any questions you got wrong, 


Please find your homework on the last page of the notes below:


Have a lovely Christmas break!


See you in 2023!! 🙂 

Have Fun!  🙂

See you in January!


Homework on Dr Frost.

Video corrupted so no video for this lesson, so sorry.

Homework Deadline

Homework overdue!