KS3 Maths 2021/22

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Lesson Time: Tuesday 11am and Friday 11am.

Email photos of homework to info@prioritylearning.co.uk

Late homework with no note from parents may not be marked.

Printable worksheet – deadline Thursday 9th at 4pm

Online worksheets:

Fractions – Addition – deadline: Friday 10th 9am

Fractions – Subtraction Deadline: Friday 10th 9am

Send photos of printable worksheet, and photos of your scores on the online worksheet to info@prioritylearning.co.uk

Online Worksheets: Take photos of working out and scores and email to info@prioritylearning.co.uk

Fractions – Multiplication – Deadline Monday 13th at 4pm

Fractions – Division – Deadline Monday 13th at 4pm


Homework – Deadline Wednesday 23rd September at 9pm

No homework for this lesson but there will be for lesson 8.

Homework: Redo All the questions you got wrong

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Fractions – Addition

Fractions – Subtraction

Fractions – Multiplication

Fractions – Division

Fractional Indices

Big “test” Homework – Deadline Monday 24th 4pm

Homework – at least 3 online worksheets on what you need to practice per day each day (except Sundays)  and make sure you get at least 8/10 on each. Send screenshots each time.

In total: I should have 12 screenshots of scores (or printable worksheets) each by Tuesday evening.

Homework: Revision – redoing past homework sheets and quizzes

Homework Deadline

Homework overdue!
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