KS3 Chemistry

Bitpaper link

Drop in link – Mondays 10am-10:50am, Thursdays 9am-10:50am

Zoom link

 Lesson Time: Wednesday 10am.

Email photos of homework to info@prioritylearning.co.uk

Late homework with no note from parents may not be marked.

Homework – make corrections to last weeks homework and draw your own diagrams of diamond, graphite and graphene and do a little bit of research on each and share with the group next week.

Balls and Sticks For Illustrating Bonding

Homework: Revision for test 

Try and get full marks on level 1 and level 2 on the balancing equations game (link).

Bonus: Try level 3

Homework 2: Select Balacing Only – Select At least 10 Questions

Extra Practice Questions

Send screenshots of scores.

If any of it is not working, copy questions out on paper and send that in.

Deadline Monday 4th April 4pm

Revision advice: Redo all past worksheets and tests and email me asking for mark schemes.

Homework Deadline

Homework overdue!
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