IGCSE Physics – 2 Year Course

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Lesson Time: Tuesdays 10am 

Email photos of homework to info@prioritylearning.co.uk

Late homework with no note from parents may not be marked.

  • Half Term: 27th-3rd Nov 
  • Christmas: 11th December – 5th January  
  • Half term: 12th-16th Feb 
  • Easter: 25th March – 5th April 
  • Half term: 15th April – 17th May  
  • Last day of term: Exam on June 25th 2024 

Week 1: Intro to Forces (Contact Vs. Non-contact Forces) 

Week 2: Newton’s Laws and Momentum 

Week 3: Pressure and motion (Distance-time and velocity-Time graphs) 

Week 4 : Springs and Hooke’s Law 

Week 5: Turning Forces/Moments 

Week 6: Review 

Week 7: Test 

Week 8: Review test answers 

Week 9: Energy intro 

Week 10: Energy generation and renewable energy 

Lesson 1 Notes 


Video Passcode: @S*5DOnP 

Lesson 2 notes 

Lesson 2 Video 

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Lesson 3 Notes 

Lesson 3 Video 

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Lesson 4 Notes 

Lesson 4 Video 

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Lesson 5 Notes 

Lesson 5 Video 

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Week 6 Video  

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Reviews Notes 


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Test review 

Lesson 10 Notes 

Lesson 10 Video 

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Heat calculation Notes  

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