GCSE Maths Higher – 2023/25

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Lesson Time: Monday and Thursday 10am

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Late homework with no note from parents may not be marked.

  • Half Term: 27th-03rd Nov 
  • Christmas: 11th December – 5th January  
  • Half term: 12th-16th Feb 
  • Easter: 25th March – 5th April 
  • Half term: 15th April – 17th May  
  • Last day of term: Exam on June 25th 2024 

Week 1: Fractions and Basic Indices 

Week 2: Harder Indices (fractional and negative) and Intro to surds 

Week 3: Rationalising and Conjugates 

Week 4: Test and Review of Test 

Week 5: Simplifying algebraic terms recap and Expanding and factorising double brackets 

Week 6: The Wiggle method and Solving quadratics 

Week 7: Solving and rearranging equations and algebraic proofs 

Week 8: Completing the square and end of topic test 

Week 9: Solving by completing the square harder and begin simultaneous equations 

Week 10: Simultaneous equations in context and quadratic simultaneous equations 

Week 11: Using the quadratic equations to solve quadratics and applying that to quadratic simultaneous equations. 

Harder completing the square and turning points 

Week 12: Inequalities 


Basic indices

Basic indices notes 

Week 1 Homework

Video Lesson 1 

Pass code for video lesson 1: 3pRAueW* 

Video Lesson 2   

Passcode for video lesson 2: A=Z8i?&4

Week 2 Lesson one notes: week 2 Lesson 1 notes 

The first lesson recording this week got cut off half way, so there are 2 videos for week 1 lesson 1: 

Week 2 Lesson 1 Video 1

Passcode: S5Q^zSEv 

Week 2 lesson 1 Video 2 

Passcode: 2*7J@8V@ 

Week 2 lesson 2 notes

Week 2 Lesson 2 Video 

Passcode: 8JBX^6j?

Week 3 notes (lesson 1 and 2) 

Week 3 Lesson 1 Video  

Passcode: !5GbYe2X 

Week 3 Lesson 2 Video 

Passcode: 4g7tm$#g

No homework this week – homework is to revise for Monday! 

Test Answer Video 

Passcode for Video: *0=o6j5W 

Simplifying Algebra Notes 2- Exponent laws

Lesson 1 Video 

Passcode for video: r6fQ=Vq! 

Expanding and factorising double brackets 

Lesson 2 Video 

Passcode for video: di@0SR81 

Wiggle method YouTube refresher 

Week 6 Lesson 1 notes (from ‘wiggle method’ slide): Expanding and factorising double brackets

Week 6 Lesson 1 Video 

Video Passcode: Y%37Ryg0 

Week 8 Lesson 1: Completing the square  Notes  

Week 8 Lesson 1 Video

Video Passcode: c^Ogj43J 

Week 8 Lesson 2: Test 

Week 9 Lesson 1: 

  • Completing the square Notes
  • Starting simultaneous equations Notes

Extra completing the square questions 

Extra completing the square questions solutions

Week 10 

Lesson 1: Video was slightly glitchy, sorry 

Passcode: 8BA$zT=& 

Lesson 2 Video 

Video passcode: 6VzL@Xzc 

Lesson 1 Video 

Video Passcode: zBV#8MqZ 

Homework Deadline

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