GCSE Maths Higher – 2021/23

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Lesson Time: Monday 3pm

Drop in times: Mondays 9-9:50am and Thursdays 9-10:50am

Email photos of homework to info@prioritylearning.co.uk

Late homework with no note from parents may not be marked.

Printable Worksheets

Indices Worksheet 1 – Deadline: Tuesday 8th at 9pm.

Adding and Subtracting Fractions WS: Deadline: Tuesday 8th at 9pm

Indices Worksheet 2 – Deadline: Wednesday 9th at 9pm.

Online Worksheets

Indices – Basic Numeric Indices Deadline: Wednesday 9th at 9pm.

Basic Numerical Indices – Mixed Exercise Deadline: Thursday 10th at 9pm.

Fractions – Multiplication – Deadline: Friday 11th at 9pm

Fractions – Addition – Deadline: Friday 11th at 9pm

Fractions – Subtraction – Deadline: Friday 11th at 9pm

Fractions – Division Deadline: Friday 11th at 9pm

Revision Sheets

Indices Revision Sheet

Homework 1 – Deadline Monday 12th at 5pm

Homework 2 – Indices – Exam Style Questions – Deadline Monday 12th at 5pm. Send in screenshots of final score and questions you got wrong. Come to the drop in so we can go through the ones you got wrong.

Extra examples

Homework – Deadline Monday 22nd at 5pm

Mark Scheme For Self Marking

Come to the drop in on Monday morning if there are any questions you don’t get.

Homework: Go through your test and write a word document with the following sections:

What I need to improve on:

How I am going to improve on it:

How I am going to check I am improving on it and retaining the knowledge.

Examples: asking John for extra questions/resources, making an excel spreadsheet of my results on online worksheets, setting reminders to retry homeworks 2/3/4 weeks after that lesson, asking for websites with extra resources.

I want you to print this when you have done it, have your parents sign it, and pin it to your wall/noticeboard then you can keep track of your progress.

Deadline Friday 12pm.

Homework Deadline

Homework overdue!
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