IGCSE Chemistry – 2 Year Course

Bitpaper link

Zoom link

Drop in link 10-10:50am on Mondays and 9-10:50pm on Thursdays.

Lesson Time: Tuesday 2pm.

Email photos of homework to info@prioritylearning.co.uk

Late homework with no note from parents may not be marked.

 Extra questions Part 1

Diffusion Fluids and Concentration – Deadline Friday 17th September at 4pm

Try diffusion with squash and cold water, and squash and hot water. But don’t put boiling water in a glass!

Properties of Periodic Table Homework – Deadline: Thursday 30th September at 4pm

Mol Calculations 1– Deadline Friday 1st October at 4pm.

Percentage by Mass Calculations – Deadline Friday 1st October at 4pm

Cutting Potassium and Dropping in Water Video

Homework: Revision for next weeks test.

Homework – make corrections to your test

Homework: Write up experiments

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