GCSE Foundation Maths

Term dates: 

Half term: 2nd – 8th March (no lessons)

Spring Term 9th March – 12th April

Summer Term April 20th – 17th July — Half term: 25th – 29th May

New courses start on 7th September and will all be done through the new app! Enrolment live in (estimated) June.

Any printable homework completed on bitpaper please email me the link or if done on paper please email the images. Email to info@prioritylearning.co.uk

Video 3


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Worksheets named-

  • Simplifying Indices (Algebra) – Non Calculator
  • Solving Equations – Multiplication/Division Of Fractions Only
  • Solving Equations – 2 Step (ax+b)/c = d (Non calculator)
  • Solving Equations – 2 Step (ax+b)/c = d Harder (Non calculator)

Repeat worksheets until you have 80% or more.

Due 19.04.20

Video 5



Worksheets named-

  • Indices – Simplify (multiple numbers and letters)

Repeat worksheets until you have 80% or more.

Due 04.05.20

Video 6


Revise for the test next lesson


Homework –¬†via app

Factorising – Linear – Printed


Homework set via the app

Factorising – Linear – 2 – Printable


Homework via the app-

Factoring Quadratics – Mixed

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