IGCSE Maths Foundation – 2 Year Course – 2021-23

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Drop in link – Monday 9-9:50am and Thursday 9-10:50am

Lesson Time: Monday 11am.

Email photos of homework to info@prioritylearning.co.uk

Late homework with no note from parents may not be marked.

Adding and Subtracting Fractions WS: Deadline: Tuesday 9pm

Fractions – Multiplication – Deadline: Tuesday 9pm

Fractions – Addition – Deadline: Tuesday 9pm

Fractions – Subtraction – Deadline: Wednesday 9pm

Fractions – Division Deadline: Wednesday 9pm

Printable Worksheets

Indices Worksheet 1 – Deadline: Tuesday 7th at 4pm.

Indices Worksheet 2 – Deadline: Wednesday 8th at 4pm.

Online Worksheets

Indices – Basic Numeric Indices Deadline: Thursday 9th at 4pm.

Basic Numerical Indices – Mixed Exercise Deadline: Friday 10th at 4pm.

Revision Sheets

Indices Revision Sheet

Homework – do ALL of the past homework sheets again for revision and you’ll be perfectly prepared for the test. If you need mark schemes for the worksheets let me know and I’ll email them through.

Fractions will be on the test.

Homework – make corrections on your test

Fractions – Multiplication – Deadline: Tuesday 9pm

Fractions – Addition – Deadline: Wednesday 9pm

Fractions – Subtraction – Deadline: Thursday  9pm

Fractions – Division Deadline: Friday 9pm

Mixed Number –> Improper Fractions – Deadline: Friday 9pm.

Homework – Deadline Thursday 13th January at 4pm

Question to do before next lesson: we will go through it at the start of next class.

Pete makes purple paint by mixing red and blue in the ratio 2:5. He makes 140 litres of purple paint. 

Red paint comes in 2 litre tins that cost £2.40 each. Blue paint comes in 5 litre tins that cost £5.50 each. 

He sells the purple paint in 5 litre tins costing £8.80 per tin. Work out his percentage profit.

Extra Pracitce Questions

Homework 1: Start revision: Redo the solving quadratics questions we did in class.

Homework 2 : Deadline Thursday 12th May 4pm

  • Feb 15th – 19th
  • 29th March – 9th April
  • 23rd May – 6th June
  • Term Ends: 9th July

Homework Deadline

Homework overdue!
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