Term dates: 

Half term: 2nd – 8th March (no lessons)

Spring Term 9th March – 5th April

Summer Term April 20th – 28th July — Half term: 25th – 29th May

New courses start on 7th September and will all be done through the new app! Enrolment live in (estimated) June.


On a clear night, with your naked eye sketch what you can see in the night sky, label any stars and constellations you see (you can look these up but only sketch what you see). If you aren’t sure if something is a planet or not have a look online where the planets are in the night sky on google.

Email me pictures of your sketches along with a paragraph or two with some comments about your observations (hint: discuss light pollution maybe?)

Deadline 9pm Wednesday 18th October.

Video didn’t record so will have to rerecord.

Answer the exam questions I’ve put on bitpaper on normal pen and paper. Have your solutions ready for Thursdays lesson where we will discuss the answers. Mondays lesson will be more coursework discussion and learning some more detailed knowledge about the topics from the last few weeks.

Read the unaided coursework section of the specification (below) and email me your preferences (up to 5 but ideally no more than 3). Please can you do this by Monday, nothing is set in stone, I just want a general idea of what each of you would like to do.

Draft coursework designs and plan/begin observations.

Second Drafts of coursework design, observations full planned.

Watch this libration video


I apologise for the fire alarm going off, I’ll run an extra summer session to make up for the time lost.


I’ve updated the bitpaper with some new notes in red.

Deadline for 2nd coursework draft


Homework Deadline


Revision Sheets

Coursework Section

Useful links


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