iGCSE Physics

I know its a lot but we will be having an electricity test on the 15th of Novmber so this should be good revision as well as homework.

  • Write a ~75 mark mock exam and mark scheme on the topics we’ve covered so far. You cannot use any of the questions I have put in any of my papers or homework but you should use iGCSE past papers and their mark schemes. Found here and here.


Homework Sheet 1

Homework Sheet 2: Question 1 and 2 only

Homework Sheet 3

Homework Sheet 4

Homework sheet 5

If everyone does all the homework this week and scores above 50%, there will be no forces test. If anyone doesn’t do all of it there will be a test… mwhahaha.

Each sheet should take about an hour on average, so 1 hour a day of physics with 2 days off, that’s not so bad :P.

Please upload to bitpaper and complete (resend me the links in case I didn’t save them).

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Homework Deadline

Homework overdue!