Webinar Courses


This year we are running a KS3 webinar course. The price is £299 for the year, £100 deposit and then £22.11 paid monthly from November 1st with the last payment on July 1st. Lessons work out less than £4.99 an hour per person.


Chemistry is available this year (2018/2019) as part of our Key Stage 3 science programme. The price for our KS3 science course is £349.

We also offer 1:1 tution for chemistry for £25 an hour.


Physics is available this year (2018/2019) as part of our Key Stage 3 science programme. The price for our KS3 science course is £349.

However we do offer private group courses for £30 an hour split between the number of people in the group. We also offer 1:1 tuition for physics for £25-30 an hour.


We are one of very few companies that offer to teach the astronomy GCSE. It is a fantastic qualification, lots of fun and really makes you stand out from the crowd. This year we are running a 2 year GCSE astronomy course, full coursework support, 2 lessons a week, weekly homework and 24/7 email and phone support. £399 per year. £100 deposit and £34.90 per month from November 1st 2019 to July 1st 2021.

Choose the perfect plan

Please choose your course and preferred payment plan below.

Upon 4 people enrolling for a course you will be asked for a £100 deposit to secure your place. The course will only run if all deposits are received before the 5th of September. If less than 4 deposits are received then those who have paid deposits will be refunded in full within 2 weeks of the start date of the course. 

All plans have a 60 day trial where no subscription payments are taken however deposits are non-refundable.

The 4 monthly plan for the 1 year courses are 2 easy payments. The first payment will be taken 60 days after you sign up then the other one 4 months after that.

The yearly plan for the 2 year courses are 2 easy payments. The first payment will be taken 60 days after you sign up then the other one 1 year after that.

Please note, we have been experiencing several problems with our membership software provider, have parted ways with them and are looking into new software teams to work with. We appreciate your patience. Please note we are taking bookings via email at info@prioritylearning.co.uk if you email us with intent to join a course we will take this as a formal enrolment.

Many thanks,

The Priority Learning Team.

Frequently asked questions

A non-refundable £100 deposit will be required once we have enough students for the course to run. You will be notified when this happens and will then have until the 5th of September to pay the deposit or you will be removed from the course.

Payments are then either made monthly or in two installments depending on your chosen plan.

We are developing a new membership portal where parents have their own dashboard, and each child has a dashboard. The main account will cost £4.99/month and each sibling will only cost £2.99 each. Up to a maximum of 5 siblings. Each sibling will have their own personal dashboard and grades tracked and the parent will be able to view all sibling data from their dashboard.

Deposits and processed subscription payments are non refundable however you can cancel your plan any time and you will not be charged a penny more than you have already paid.

Priority Learning does not take any responsibility for organising exam centres. We recommend that you have an exam centre that has confirmed you can sit the exam at before signing up for the course. We will be unable to give refunds if you do not sit the exam.

John was home-schooled through his KS3 and GCSE years and found the online support severely lacking. So he came up with the webinar idea one evening when he was discussing what he wished was available to him when he was home-schooled.

It depends on your child’s ability and confidence. The 1 year GCSE course is very intense and there will be lots of homework. A good subject knowledge will be expected.

The 2 year courses are slightly more relaxed but there is still a lot of work and basic subject content will be expected.

The KS3 courses are fairly slow paced and relaxed. There will be some homework to consolidate the material learned in lessons.

You don’t have to it’s not a requirement but the purpose of the course is to prepare the students for the exam. 

There are upgrade and downgrade options for most courses.

There hasn’t been enough interest to make it worth running a course this year, but we are hoping to run them soon. We do offer private group and 1:1 tuition for A-level maths and physics. Please see our private tuition page for more information. 

We do not guarantee any student will pass an exam. The courses will enable us to do all we can to support you/your child in preparing for the exam. However, it is the responsibility of the student to put the materials and lesson recordings to good use and revise for the exams properly. Simply attending the lessons and doing the homework may not be enough. Revision and self study is always required in order to pass exams.

The lessons will be recorded and uploaded to a private vimeo where you can rewatch the lesson.

We will not be taking registers for the lessons. It is the responsibility of parents and students to ensure they attend the lessons. 

Parents will be emailed if homework is not complete. Students will always be given enough time to complete the homework assignments.

After 3 missed/late homeworks you will be given a first warning. An email from the parents is required explaining why the homework is late/missed.

After 4 late/missed homeworks you will be given a final warning, An email from the parents is required explaining why the homework is late/missed.

If 5 homeworks are late/missed without medical evidence (doctors note is required) you will be removed from the course and payment for the rest of the course will be due. In signing up for the course you agree to these terms and conditions.

Our clients say

"Priority learning is a fantastic website and it completely saved my GCSEs. The website keeps you engaged with interactive quizzes which is what really helped me and the revision sheets were easy to understand. Priority learning bumped my final mark up by two grades and so I highly recommend it"
Cosmo Fraser
"Highly recommend John at Priority Learning . My home educated son has just started one to one maths lessons with him once a week . He’s three weeks in now and maths concepts are finally sticking .When he came away from his lesson today and and says “yes I’m actually getting it , I’m really enjoying the sessions “ you know it’s working ! John listened to what we requested and has tailor made his lessons ,reviewing each week and slowly adding in new material . Highly recommend !"
Sarina Gray
"I would really recommend priority learning. I paid for the tutoring after getting an E in my maths mocks. however, thanks to my tutor I managed to get an A in my a-level results. throughout the process my tutor was super friendly, helpful, adaptive to my style of learning, easy to contact the list goes on. all in all great service"
Ethan Ackroyd
"Jettie has really helped my son with his maths... his confidence has grown in the subject and I've seen a big difference. I can highly recommend Jettie to help with tutoring."
Hazel Dawson