John is our CEO, web designer, content creator and tutor. He tutors Mathematics and Physics at KS3, GCSE and A-level. He is known for challenging students with problem solving questions and word problems so they are fully prepared for all exam style questions they could possibly be asked. Scroll down to see what John and his clients say about him.


I got an A* in my Mathematics A level and in my Further Mathematics GCSE. I love teaching Mathematics it's fantastic to be part of someone's journey discovering how maths works and seeing their face light up when everything clicks into place is a joy to see. All of my A-level students in 2019 achieved A's. All my GCSE students achieved a 6 or better. I'm incredibly proud of them all and thrilled for them.


I got an A* in my Physics iGCSE and an A in my Physics A-level. For most of my teens I thought I wanted to be a theoretical physicist, all my friends called me Sheldon (from The Big Bang Theory)! I read about quantum mechanics and particle physics in my leisure time from the age of 13, but after studying physics for a year at university I realised reading about physics was a hobby and my true vocation was tutoring.