KS3 Physics

Term dates: 

Half term: 2nd – 8th March (no lessons)

Spring Term 9th March – 5th April

Summer Term April 20th – 17th July — Half term: 25th – 29th May

New courses start on 7th September and will all be done through the new app! Enrolment live in (estimated) June.


Homework Deadline 3rd May 7pm

For more practice have a go at the worksheet on the app (in the worksheets section).


Homework set on app.



Pick a part of the electromagnetic spectrum write a short report or presentation on it,
things to include

Abstract (report only 50-100 words)
How it was discovered (at least 300 words).
It’s commercial uses (every day life) (at least 300 words).
It’s uses in medicine (at least 300 words).
It’s uses in modern science (at least 300 words).
At least one other of your choice (at least 300 words).

Or presentation

Presentation: at least 5 slides per section (apart from conclusion).

Script for the presentation or prompt cards that you’d make
for yourself as if you were giving the presentation to an audience.

Deadline 13th June.

Refraction video


Homework set on app, if it hasn’t come through please email me.

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