KS3 Maths

Term dates: 

Half term: 2nd – 8th March (no lessons)

Spring Term 9th March – 5th April

Summer Term April 20th – 17th July — Half term: 25th – 29th May

New courses start on 7th September and will all be done through the new app! Enrolment live in (estimated) June.


Video didn’t record, please let me know if you’d like me to re-record.

Ratio and Profit

Algebra Recap Worksheet

Please can all homework be completed on a homework bitpaper you can make for yourself or printed an emailed to me by Friday 31 January

Homework 1

Homework 2

Homework 3

Deadline Saturday 21st March.

Email me your scores by 9pm.

Found here web app

2 Step Equations ax + b = c

2 Step Equations (ax+b)/c = d

2 Step Equations (ax+b)/c = d Harder

Solving equations: ax + b = cx+d (non-calculator)


Homework – via the app

Solving Equations – 2 Step a/(bx+c) = d (Non calculator)


Homework – via app

Percentages – Write as a Decimal

Percentages – Of a Number


Homework – via app

Percentages – Increase and Decrease – Word Problems

Homework – set via the app

Percentages – Reverse


Homework via the app

Solving Equations – Multiplication Of Whole Numbers Only

Solving Equations – Multiplication/Division Of Fractions Only


Homework is revision for the test

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