A-level Maths Prep

Term dates: 

Half term: 2nd – 8th March (no lessons)

Spring Term 9th March – 5th April

Summer Term April 20th – 17th July — Half term: 25th – 29th May

New courses start on 7th September and will all be done through the new app! Enrolment live in (estimated) June.


Homework via the app –

Indices – Writing as a power of… – Algebra

Indices – Simplify (Multiple Numbers and Letters)

Surds – Rationalising – Conjugate


Homework – via app

Quadratic Simultaneous Equations

Due 3rd June 2020

A-Level Prep Test

Also can be found on app

Submit PDF onto the app or email to us.


Homework via the app

Differentiation – Tangents and Normals


Homework from textbook

Mixed Exercise 6 – Q6, 7, 12, 15-20, 22 and Challenge


Homework set via the app

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