A-Level Mathematics - A2 Mechanics 2022-24

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Lesson Time: Monday 9am, Thursday 9am

Self study:
Ex 4A Questions 3,4 and 5

Ex 4B Questions 4, 5 and 6.

Self Study: Finish off Exercise 4C.


Self Study: Finish Ex 4D

Self Study: Finish Ex 4E and Mixed Ex 4


Self Study:

Ex 5A Questions 6-9

Ex 5B Questions 5-8

Ex 5C Questions 3-7

Self Study:

Finish mixed ex. 5


Selfy study:

Ex 6A Questions 5-7

Ex 6B Questions 5-7

Finish Ex 6C including the challenge.

Self Study

Ex 7A and 7B

Self Study: Finish Ex 7D

Self Study:
Ex 7E Questions 8-11

Finish Ex 7F

Self Study: Finish mixed Ex 7.


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