A-Level Mathematics - A2 Pure Maths 2022-24

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Lesson Time: Monday 9am, Thursday 9am


Attempt all of mixed exercise 1.


Attempt all of mixed exercise 2.

Self study:

Ex 3A Questions 7-10.

Ex 3B Questions 8-13.

Ex 3C Questions 7-13.

Ex 3D Q5-11


Self Study:

Ex 3E Questions 8-11

Ex 3F Questions 5-12

Ex 3H Questions 3-5

Ex 3I Questions 10-16


All of mixed ex 3 to be done by end of next lesson. Use next lesson to finish any questions you got stuck on and ask for help.

Finish off mixed exercise 3 if you haven’t done so already.

Self Study

Ex 4A Questions 6-9.

Ex 4B Q6, 7 and 8

Ex 4C Q6 and Q7


Self Study

Ex 5C Questions 6-14 

Ex 5D Questions 1c,d, 3C and questions 12-17

Send question 16 in for marking.

Ex 5E Questions 11-15

Ex 5F question 4 and 5

Every 3rd question from the mixed exercise


Self study:
Ex 6B Questions 7, 9, 10

Ex 6C Questions 4, 8 ,9, 10 11

Ex 6D Questions 7-12

Ex 6E Questions 6-9

Self Study:

Ex 7A: Q2 – 16 (all questions we did not do in class).

Self Study:

Ex 7B questions 7-10

Ex 7C questions 12-19

Ex 7D questions 9-14

Self study:
Ex 7E any questions we didn’t do in class.

Self Study:
Ex 8A Questions 6-9

Ex 8B Questions 8-11

Ex 8C Questions 5 and 6

Self Study:

Exercise 8D Questions 12-17

Ex 8E Questions 6-10

Self Study:

Questions in mixed exercise 8 you didn’t finish in class.


Revision Sheet

Self Study

Ex 9A 7-10

Ex 9B 7-12

Ex 9C All

Self Study:
Any parts of 9D you didn’t finish in class.

Self Study: 

Any parts of ex 9E and 9F you did not finish in class.


Self Study

Ex 9I Questions 8-11

Ex 9J anything we didn’t finish in class.

Self Study: Get up to at least question 35

Finishing off mixed exercise 9

Self Study

Ex 10A: Questions 11 and 12

Ex 10B: Questions 9 and 10

Ex 10C: Questions 6 and 7

Ex 10D Questions 4 and 5

Mixed Ex 10 Questions 9, 10, 11 and 12. Send in Question 11 and 12 for marking.